Before contacting our support team, take a look at some of the frequently asked questions (FAQS) we have compiled from our customers. Most of the common issues have been addressed so you will probably find a satisfactory answer.

1) I have not received the e-mail with the verification link in order to verify my email address. How should I proceed?

Please check the spam and bulk email folders in your mailbox and allow a few minutes for the e-mail to arrive. If you still do not receive such an email then you can then send support an email from the email address as used to register your account with White Lotus. Our support team will then manually verify this email address for you.

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2) I have received the e-mail with the verification link in order to verify my email address, however for some reason the link contained in the email is not working correctly. How can I proceed?

In order to proceed simply send support an email from the email address as registered in your White Lotus account and support will then manually verify your email address for you.

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3) I cannot remember my Account Name and/or Password. What should I do?

What Games does White Lotus Casino offer?

We currently offer Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, War, Video Poker, Pai Gow, Caribbean, Red Dog, Baccarat and Let em Ride. We are constantly developing new games and you will receive instant e-mail notification once a new game is added.

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4) I changed my password but I still can’t log in?

After numerous unsuccessful login attempts our systems automatically lock an account for security reasons. In such a case if even you do reset your password, you will still not be able access this account. In order to resolve this matter please contact our support. A member of our team will then review the matter and unlock your account for login.

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5) I would like to update the personal information on my account. How can I do that?

In order to update the personal information as registered in your White Lotus account you will be required to send an email to support containing a copy of your ID as well as the information which you would like updated. We require the copy of your ID in order to verify that we are indeed dealing with the correct account holder. Support will then continue to update your account information as requested.

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6) What is a coupon and how do I use a coupon in order to redeem a bonus?

A coupon is a voucher code which needs to be redeemed from the Coupons section of our cashier in order to activate a bonus. Such bonuses can be no deposit/ free chip offers, free spins or a bonus based on a percentage of your deposit. In order to redeem a coupon simply load our cashier section and select the Coupons heading. From there simply enter in the coupon code and click on redeem. It is important to note that with deposit related bonuses you will be required to redeem the coupon Before placing your deposit into your White Lotus account. The amount of times each coupon can be used varies and you will be able to determine the amount of times a promotion can be used by reading up on the promotion's information either on our website or in our cashier. It is also highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the terms for any promotion which you wish to use as these can also vary.

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7) I notice that promotions have a wagering/playthrough requirement. What is wagering/playthrough?

Wagering (or more commonly known as Playthrough) is the value of all bets placed, regardless of the outcome. For example, should you deposit R100 and receive a bonus of R50, you would start playing with a total balance of R150. Such a bonus would usually have a wagering requirement of 10 times. This will then mean that you will be required to place bets to the total value of R1500 (150 x 10 = 1500) before you will be able to request a cashout.

Free bonuses which do not have a deposit requirement are usually subject to a wagering requirement of 60 times the bonus amount with a cashout of twice the value of the bonus amount. For example, you receive a R200 Free Bonus. You will then be required to wager a total of R12,000 (200 x 60 = R12,000) in order to cash out a maximum amount of R400 (twice the bonus amount).

Wagering/Playthrough only applies when bonus credits are being used, should you play without using any bonuses you will not be required to complete any wagering requirements.

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8) My withdrawal request was denied because I have used multiple consecutive free bonuses. What can I do about it?

Non deposit related, Free Chips or Free Spins bonus offers should not be used consecutively without a deposit being made in between. If you have used two free bonus offers without having made a deposit in between bonuses, any winnings obtained would be voided from your account as such funds cannot be cashed out. This matter is stated in our terms and conditions and applies to all players. If you wish to be eligible to request a withdrawal in the future, please make sure that you make at least one deposit between every two free bonuses that you may redeem. Please keep in mind that the availability of numerous free bonuses does not constitute permission to disregard the bonus terms or our terms and conditions.

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9) I am unable to play a certain game. What do I do?

First of all, please make sure that you do not have an active coupon in your account. Some coupons are restricted to only certain games or even one particular game and having such a coupon active will prevent you from being able to load games which are not associated with the coupon. You can check for active coupons in your account by opening our Cashier section and then loading the Active Coupons section.

If you do not have any active coupons in your account but you are still unable to load a certain game, please then delete any cookies and temporary internet files in your internet browser and/or the cache on your mobile device or tablet and try again. Please note that it may also be useful to attempt loading the game through a different internet browser. Recommended browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla and Safari.

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10) What are comp points and how do I redeem mine?

Complimentary (comp) points are generated when you play in the casino. For every R1 which you bet, you receive 1 comp point. Comp points can be exchanged for bonus credit at a ratio of 1000 comp points to R1. In order to exchange your comp points you can load our Cashier and redeem your points from the My Account tab.

Credits obtained from redeeming your comp points are considered free bonus credits and are therefore subject to terms and conditions related to free / no deposit bonuses.

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11) How do I verify my account?

Account verification forms part of our security procedures as well as our KYC (Know Your Customer) process. All players are required to verify their account information and identity at some point. Usually upon requesting their first withdrawal.

The documentation and information required varies in relation to the deposit methods used by the account holder.

If you have used a credit or debit card at any point during the last six months, you will then be required to send us a copy of a valid Identity Document or Passport as well as a completed and manually signed credit card verification form for each credit or debit card used in your account. Along with this we will require a copy of the front and back of the related credit/debit card. The signature on the card and the form must both be clear enough to compare and verify. You are requested to blank out the middle eight digits of the card number as well as the entire CVV code at the back of the card for security reasons.

Should any credit or debit card no longer be valid, then this card will not need to be verified, provided that it has not been used with us for a period of six months or more. In such a case you can then request that this card be blocked on our systems. If you have however used such a card in our systems within six months and the card is for any reason no longer valid then you will be required to provide a statement or a letter from the issuing institution confirming that the particular card is no longer active.

The account verification procedure is a once-off procedure, however any new credit or debit cards registered in our systems and used after you have verified your account will need to be verified in the same manner by completing a credit card verification form for each new card used. This should be done before requesting your next withdrawal.

If you have never used a credit card or debit card to place deposits into your account all that will be required to verify is a copy of a valid Identity Document or Passport.

The verification documents can be scanned and emailed to support.

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12) How long does a withdrawal take once it has been requested?

Once your account has been verified and you have received an email confirming this. You will then be able to request cashouts/withdrawals from our Cashier section. Please ensure that withdrawals are only requested to a banking account held in the name of the casino account holder.

Once the withdrawal has been requested from our cashier it will then take two working days to be processed by our accounts team. Once our team has processed your payment you will receive an automated email. Payments which have been processed by our team have been paid over to the destination banking account and are then subject to regular bank to bank delays. (up to 72 working hours) Withdrawals are processed by our team each working day of the week excluding weekends and public holidays. Withdrawals are done in a first come first served manner and are processed in the order which they are requested.

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13) I made a payment using one of the automated deposit methods. The funds have been deducted from my banking account but the deposit is not reflecting in my account.

Not to worry, your deposit can still be located and manually credited. In order to have support locate your deposit and manually credit it all you will need to do is obtain the proof of payment for this deposit from your online banking (usually a pdf file showing the deposit information) and email this document to support. Along with this document in your email please be sure to provide your account information, deposit method used, date of the attempted deposit and amount. Support will then verify your deposit and credit your account accordingly.

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14) I am not able to provide a proof of payment for my deposit. What should I do?

Deposits are credited based on receipt of proof of payment and often such deposits are credited before these funds actually reflect in our bank. In cases where a proof of payment cannot be provided (ATM out of paper, online banking not able to provide a valid file etc.) all that will be needed is to email your deposit information to support. Our support team will then wait for this deposit to reflect in our bank and then credit your account accordingly. It is important that you provide our team with the reference used when making your deposit so that it can be located.

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15) I would like to play using my mobile device or tablet. Please provide more information as to how I can do this.

You will be able to play using your mobile device or tablet provided that your device is capable of running the latest versions of the Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox website browsers.

If not, then simply open your website browser on your mobile device or tablet and navigate to the homepage. From the homepage simply select the MOBILE heading at the top of the page and click on this. Supported devices: iPhone 4S or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th generation with A5 Dual Core chip. Android devices capable of supporting the latest versions of the Google Chrome or Mozilla website browser.

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16) What happens to my bet if I lose my Internet connection?

If the gaming server resolves the game bet on after you have lost your Internet connection, it will refresh your credit balance with the outcome of the bet. If it cannot resolve the game bet on during the connectivity loss, it will present you with the unfinished bet the next time you log in where you can then replay the game that was being played when the connectivity loss occurred.

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Contact our support team if you are unable to find a suitable answer to your question, and we will respond promptly.

When sending an e-mail to our support team please be sure to include your full name, user name and a detailed description of your problem so that we can provide a quick and helpful response.