Responsible Gambling

White Lotus Casino targets guaranteeing that all players have a good time while playing and they are protected doing as such. Nonetheless, we do comprehend there is few players that think that its difficult to control themselves all the while, so this segment is a useful perused should you have any worries you are among those players as it gives certain rules to capable gaming. If it's not too much trouble, have as a top priority that the principle motivation behind betting is diversion and it ought not be considered as a methods for bringing in cash and know consistently of the time and cash you spend while playing.

In the segments underneath you will locate a straightforward test that you can take on the off chance that you figure you may have issues with your betting conduct.

Playing at White Lotus is prohibited for players under 18 years old (or under the legitimate age of the country they dwell in) and players are mentioned to give a proof of personality to insurance of the two sides. Should you have any worries or questions, if it's not too much trouble, reach us and we will give a valiant effort to help you and give all the data you may require.

Protection of Minors

Please note that Internet is so widespread and easy to access on a number of devices, responsible gaming depends heavily on responsible parenting when it comes to the protection of minors.

Parents, pay attention!
  • Do not leave the casino software open if you plan to leave the computer unattended while your children are nearby
  • Make sure your children will not be able to figure out the password for your account easily
  • Do not encourage or allow underage people to take part in gambling activities of any kind
  • Store your casino login details at a place where the children will not be able to have access to them
  • Do not save passwords on your computer – that makes them easily accessible. Memorize them or write them down but make sure you keep them out of the reach of minors
  • Monitor the amount of time your children spend online and install a filtering program of your choice to control the access to some inappropriate websites on the Internet.
Filtering Programs

People under 18 years old are not allowed to register and play at White Lotus Casino. If you need to protect the computer you use and prevent the access of minors to some website, check the list of filtering programs bellow to find how they work and pick the one that suits your needs best.


Player Self-Exclusion

We aim at providing high-quality entertainment to our players but we do understand that a small number of them can find it addictive or harmful. We strive to create as safe and responsible gaming environment as possible by utilizing eCOGRA's responsible gaming standards.

If you are concerned about your gaming behaviour, please look into the following options:

  • A minimum seven (7) day cooling off period;
  • A minimum six (6) month self-exclusion period.
  • Permanent self-exclusion from all casino activity.

If you request one of these options, your account with White Lotus will be suspended for the said period of time and can only be reactivated upon your specific request. You will also not receive promotional e-mails from us for the specified time. The above listed exclusion types, as well as a permanent self-exclusion, can be requested at any time by e-mailing our support department. They will be able to guide you through the procedure and close your account for the desired period of time.

Deposit Limits:

To ensure a safe gaming experience, players also have the option of adjusting deposit limits at any time.

There are three options which are available to our players:

  • Daily deposit limit – Players are limited to the amount they may deposit within a 24 hour period.
  • Weekly deposit limit – Players are limited to the amount they may deposit within a 7 day period.
  • Monthly deposit limit – Players are limited to the amount they may deposit on a monthly basis.

Please ensure that you clearly state which type of deposit limit you would like to impose on your account when dealing with our support department.

To change your deposit limits or to request a self exclusion period or even permanent exclusion, please contact our customer support via telephone or email.

Self Assessment Test
1. Do you feel that your work is affected by gambling?
2. If you win, do you get the urge to play until you win more?
3. Have you borrowed money to pay for gambling sessions?
4. Do you feel guilt if you gamble and lose a lot of money?
5. Do you use gambling as a source of income?
6. After losing, do you feel you have to return to the casino and win back your losses?
7. Do you gamble for longer than you thought you would?
8. Do people know you as a gambler?
9. Have you gambled until you've run out of cash?
10. Does gambling mean everything to you?
11. Would you consider selling personal possesions in order to get money for gamble?
12. Do you see 'gambling money' as being excluded from the normal household budget?
13. When you have a hard day at work, do you get the urge to gamble?
14. Have you ever argued with family/friends about how much or often you gamble?
15. Is your gambling an escape from stress?
16. Would you steal or commit an illegal act in order to raise money for your gambling?
17. Is your gambling a cause of stress and worry which affects all aspects of your life?
18. Have you celebrated any good news by spending a few hours gambling?
19. Is gambling the only thing you want to win at?
20. Does your gambling make you want to escape your life to the extent of considering suicide?

If you have answered 'Yes' to seven or more of these questions, please consider assistance from the following organization:

Contact details

National Council on Problem Gambling: 0 800 006 008 or